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Support and Advice

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Sadley these are the times we live in and helping families in need is a cause worthy of all our attentions and support. On this page we have assembled information and advice that may be of help to people facing difficulties through the cost of living crisis.

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Help and Advice

Last month energy bill went up by eye watering amounts which means may of us are making hard choices. If you're concerned about meeting the energy price rise, first and foremost you need talk to your energy supplier, who will have help and advice available including about Warm Home Discounts.

If you receive council tax support you can apply for up to £200 in vouchers through the Household Support Grant to buy groceries or essential household items. If you have not applied do it now see the 'Click to visit BMBC website'.

£150 council tax rebate

a one-off payment of £150 council tax energy rebate to all households whose primary residence is in council tax band A to D. These have apparently been delayed, the council promise to pay them as soon as they can.

If you're an eligible household, the quickest and most convenient way to receive your payment is by setting up a Direct Debit to pay your council tax. Payment will be directly into your bank account. If you pay by standing order or any other method, further information will be published soon about how to receive the payment.

Berneslai Homes Tenant

If you're worried about paying your rent, your bills and keeping your home, please phone us on 01226 787878. We're here to listen, offer practical advice and arrange support that will help you.

Our Tenants First Team are working to support tenants in various ways to be able to pay their rent and manage their money. Many tenants have been helped to access thousands of pounds in unclaimed benefits and grants they were entitled to. Additionally, lots of tenants are now receiving ongoing support from us and other agencies as part of the wider support package we offer.

Call us on 01226 787878

Ex Miners

Coalfields REgeneration Trust Grants available to help with fuel cost.

Yorkshire Water Bills

Support from Yorkshire Water paying bills.

Click here to visit Yorkshire Water

DIAL Barnsley

If you or anyone you know is worried about their Energy bills our warm connections team can help. Chat to our Warm Connection Team who can help you to understand your energy bills and switch suppliers, all to save energy to keep your costs down.

Call 01226 240273 or email

Help Online

If you don't have internet access them visit Hoyland Library.

Click the organisation to vist.

The above sites are reputable and offer help and advice on a range of relevant subjects. When using the internet to find answers and solution to issues always be alert to scams as unscrupulous people will try to take advantage.

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Things to do

Download the PDF Booklet on Things to do in Hoyland Milton and Rockingham.

Download Here

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Hoyland, Milton, Rockingham Joint Ward Alliance supporting the local community.

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Learn New Skills

Ad for Groundworks skills training in Hourticulture.

Horticulture and grounds maintenance course for unemployed people in Hoyland for full details click on image above (opens in PDF)

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